How to Get More Detailed Device Information in PRTG (2)


Managing devices on any network is a challenge. The adoption of new technology allows for connection points to happen from multiple points. Connectivity does not happen in a single building, nor does it include a set number of systems all on hand. The extensiveness of today’s IT infrastructure is not only incredible, but it can be difficult to manage. Proper device inventory is necessary for multiple reasons, stemming from ensuring connectivity to monitoring risks. Yet, having a detailed device inventory is not as simplistic as it may seem.

The Cost and Frustrations of IT Infrastructure


A key area of concern and a reason to invest in detailed device inventory stems from a lack of information. Most medium and larger business owners do not realize the true cost and complexity of managing these systems. In fact, often, a great deal of frustration surrounds the process of effectively managing IT. As Himanshu Agarwal of McKinsey & Company writes, “We often see frustration between IT and business partners, because the partners don’t have the means to understand clearly the cost drivers of the IT services they use and therefore find it difficult to influence their infrastructure expenditure. As a result, some organizations struggle to manage demand for IT infrastructure, which includes all the hardware, software and operational support required to provide application hosting, network and end-user services.” It’s clear that a growing need exists to improve communications, and one way to do that is through proper documentation, organization and detailed device inventory.

Managing Your Network Effectively Takes Speed and Clarity


What is the goal of network device discovery and detailed device inventory? You must know what devices are on your network. What is connecting with your system and network? Do you know? A recent survey found that 62 percent of all cyber attacks hit small- and medium-sized businesses — not the big guys. Who is tapping into your network?

Let’s take another look at that risk. Did you know that 70 percent of businesses say their IT infrastructure has been compromised in the last 12 months? That means only 30 percent have not.

Robert C. Covington of ComputerWorld says, “Thus, even small businesses today have numerous vulnerable computing devices and software packages, and most have no means of tracking either the hardware or software or assessing the related risks. We pay the price via network penetrations and data breaches.”

Take for a minute the risks not associated with third parties. If you do not effectively manage your IT infrastructure, you are positioning your company to face other risks, such as a lack of understanding of downtime, the inability to manage the flow of traffic through the network, and the potential risks associated with limited access. With better device management, you gain more insight into:

  • What devices are on your network
  • How those devices connect

But, there’s another key area of concern: You need fast access to information, and you do not have time to run tedious reports. Because devices are connecting and breaking away often, it is hard to have fast access to the data you need.

Enter UVexplorer


When you connect your system to a faster tool, one that can provide you with incredible information right away, you minimize risks and improve information flow. UVexplorer discovers far more details about the devices connecting to your network than what you get typically from PRTG, which means that when you plug in this solution, you gain greater insight into what and who is connecting and using your network, which devices they are and much more. Here’s how the process works.

UVexplorer manages your network and keeps constant eyes on it. It creates an effective network map for you automatically, without a delay. It then gathers device details, and the associated device inventory data can then be exported from UVexplorer into PRTG. This allows for all of your device details to be available directly within the PRTG web user interface. You get the access and speed you need, but without the complications — and with more information.

Discover Devices on Network: Why It Matters


UVexplorer does an exceptional job of gathering detailed inventory from the devices and network. It contains device-specific collection techniques that allow you to create a complete but customized list of reports about your IT infrastructure. This list includes asset detail, device connectivity, computer systems, network interfaces, VLANS, software inventory and much more.

When you, as a business owner or an IT manager, has detailed information about your network, including serial numbers, network connections, host names and BIOS information, you gain insight into the effective functioning of that network. This, in turn, allows for better management of it, minimizes risks, and even helps make cost reductions in overall IT infrastructure maintenance. And, it allows for better overall communication within the business about risks and opportunities.

UVexplorer makes it easy for you to gain detailed device inventory. Can you really afford to go without it?