Get Faster Network Discovery for PRTG

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Understanding what is occurring on your network is critically important and yet, for many business owners, it seems impossible to learn. Every business today must take steps to effectively manage their IT infrastructure and do so effectively. Yet, it is quite common for businesses to overlook the opportunities to do this. When you have a comprehensive view of your network, you can manage it effectively.

Consider the Threat of Not Knowing

Why does it matter how well versed and effectively mapped your IT infrastructure is? In short, it could cost you millions if you lack this on-the-go, always-up-to-date level of management.

First, consider the risk of cyber-attacks, which can impact virtually any network. One study from Cenzic found that 96 percent of all applications tested in 2013 have one or more serious security vulnerabilities. Another concern is a lack of effective IT infrastructure management. Jeremy Hitchcock, of said, “With the proper tools to monitor and control your infrastructure, from cloud providers to ISPs, the link between customers and Internet assets is demystified. This enables IT staff to intelligently identify and confidently address the unknown, ensuring reliability, security and optimal performance.” In short, it is essential to uncover the unknown.

Now, consider the true cost of a breakdown in infrastructure caused, for example, by an attack or an unknown device. Tony Bradley of wrote, “For large companies of 1,500 or more employees the average cost of a security incident involving a virtual infrastructure is nearly $1 million when taking into account indirect expenses such as staff training to mitigate future risks. Even for small and medium businesses the average financial impact of an attack on a virtual infrastructure is about $60,000—which is more than double the $26,000 average for an attack on a physical environment.”

Considering all of this, what can you do?

One solution is to simply have a fast, effective way of discovery in place to circumvent and avoid potential risk factors like those listed here. But, how can you do this efficiently?

How UVexplorer Enables Improved Speed and Network Oversight

UVexplorer’s network discovery is fast and gives you a detailed picture of your network and devices in just a few minutes. Once you’ve discovered your network in UVexplorer, you can easily export your discovery results from UVexplorer into PRTG.  In this way, UVexplorer helps you get your PRTG server configured and monitoring in a very short period of time.  You no longer have to wait for PRTG’s lengthy discovery process to complete, or create PRTG devices, sensors, and maps by hand.  UVexplorer can do the work in a fraction of the time.

Let’s step back for a moment to consider the value of efficiently monitoring your network like this.

Why Detailed Network Device Discovery Is So Valuable

Managing your IT infrastructure effectively requires you to know which devices are presently on your network as well as how they are connected. UVexplorer will automatically and quickly scan your network to find all types of connected devices. This includes:

  • Routers
  • Workstations
  • Printers
  • Virtual machines
  • Servers
  • Wireless access points
  • Switches

And, UVexplorer collects a great deal of information about your devices including the IP and MAC addresses, network interfaces, route tables, system and OS information and much more. You can browse through and run reports on the collected data to get a clear view of what’s on that network.

You can also export device inventory information from UVexplorer into PRTG, allowing this data to be viewed directly in the PRTG console. In this way, UVexplorer makes a great companion product to PRTG.

For those using PRTG Network Monitor, it is even easier to quickly and easily export discovered device information as well as comprehensive network maps from UVexplorer directly to PRTG Network Monitor. In addition, this system creates PRTG sensors on devices when exported. Ultimately, when UVexplorer and PRTG are used together, network discovery becomes far faster and far more detailed device information. Ultimately, this results in a very powerful network management platform that offers advanced monitoring capabilities.

The bottom line: With a combination of PRTG Network Monitor and UVexplorer, your business can effectively manage devices and the overall IT infrastructure in a more streamlined and efficient manner. This safeguards your business and improves your bottom line by avoiding mistakes, improving efficiencies, and overcoming some of the biggest risks facing both large and small businesses today in regards to IT infrastructure.

What To Do Now

For most business owners and managers, IT infrastructure is complex and an all-consuming concern. IT professionals understand the value of having a fast, incredibly detailed solution to managing networks like this. It ultimately makes it faster to avoid complications and improves overall ability to achieve safety. Take a closer look at how UVexplorer can help you to achieve your goals by giving our team a call now to learn more.