UVexplorer and Lucidchart Join Forces for Easier Network Mapping


UVnetworks is excited to announce that UVexplorer and Lucidchart have teamed up to create a fast and easy way to automatically discover and map your network infrastructure.

UVexplorer provides an easy and cost-effective solution to:

  • Quickly discover your network devices and the connections between them.
  • Gather detailed inventory data for your devices, including serial numbers, IP/MAC addresses, host names, installed software, etc.
  • Automatically create network maps to show connections between devices.
  • Track your network’s topology and receive notifications when changes or issues occur.
  • Diagnose problems with your network devices using an integrated engineering tool set.

Lucidchart provides a powerful and intuitive diagramming environment that is completely online. No install required! While Lucidchart lets you create network diagrams by hand, with UVexplorer you can now automatically discover and map your network, and export the results into Lucidchart. Stop creating network diagrams by hand, and let UVexplorer do the work! And, since Lucidchart runs in the cloud, you and your co-workers can share and edit network maps simultaneously. This lets you access the power of UVexplorer anywhere.

And, UVexplorer diagrams are more than just a picture! When creating network maps, static diagrams with no details don’t give you the specifics you need to understand your network. That’s where the integration of UVexplorer and Lucidchart makes your life even better. UVexplorer can discover all the critical information about your IT assets, and then automatically create Lucidchart diagrams with detailed data directly attached to each device node. It really is that simple!

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There’s even more good news. UVexplorer’s latest release packages all of its discovery and mapping expertise in a simple subscription offering for as low as $45 a month. To learn more about the features of UVexplorer, visit UVexplorer.com.

We hope the integration of UVexplorer and Lucidchart gives you the tools you need to save time and money in creating network diagrams that help you build and manage your network.

Best Regards,

UVexplorer Team

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Paessler Gave a Shoutout to Our Layer 2 Discovery Software

Last week, Paessler highlighted how our network discovery and mapping software, UVexplorer, can help you monitor what is happening on your network. Florian Straffort, Paessler’s brand journalist, outlined UVexplorer’s features that boost your PRTG experience, including enhanced device discovery and mapping.Straffort also gave a great rundown of how UVexplorer works. To read more, click here.