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“Authentication to UVexplorer Server failed” – Error Message

If you have an issue binding an UVexplorer Agent to the UVexplorer Server it may be a version or hostname/IP address issue.

First, test binding an Agent to the Server on the same Windows machine. 

If that is successful then bind an Agent to the Server across your network. If you receive the error message:

 “Authentication with UVexplorer Server failed.”


Ensure UVexplorer Agent and UVexplorer Server are running the same version:

UVexplorer Server

and UVexplorer

If they are not the same version, then update to the latest version for both tools.

If the agent is still not binding to the server then it may be an IP address/hostname issue. 

Please verify that the URL you are providing is the same as the one setup on the server (including any port specification):

For Example: https://uvexplorerserver.acme.com:5189/

If they are the same; please validate that the agent can resolve that URL.

Also: Please verify that the API Key has been created correctly in the server.

If all those appear correct: please open a browser on the Agent and try this URL.


You will get a response in the browser: Please send this to Support@UVnets.com

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