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Slack & UVexplorer Integration

Slack is a collaborative messaging platform that enables communication and teamwork among users. By sending notifications into Slack, UVexplorer users can streamline collaboration and enhance communication around network issues and infrastructure. Be notified of network outages, asset changes and config backup issues immediately. Experience enhanced teamwork and productivity with the Slack integration for UVexplorer. (UVexplorer also provides email notifications)

1. Notifications of Asset Changes in Slack Channel

UVexplorer collects detailed inventory information for the devices on your network: system information, serial numbers, IP/MAC addresses, host names, installed software, network interfaces, network connections, route tables, ARP caches, BIOS information, and much more. When the asset details change, UVexplorer can notify you through your Slack channel:

Slack Integration

2. Network Monitor Notifications

The monitors in UVexplorer for ping, HTTP, CPU and other components can notify you of issues through your Slack channel. This provides immediate notification of issues for fast resolution and higher uptime. 

Setup Slack notifications for UVexplorer Monitors.

3. Configuration Backup and Change Notifications

One of the most important tasks UVexplorer is able to perform is the backup of startup and running configuration scripts for routers, switches and firewalls. These Slack notifications from the UVexplorer Configs monitor will provide immediate notification of potential vulnerability.

Receive slack notifications of config backups/changes.

For more information on Slack and UVexplorer, please contact our Sales Team.