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Device Configuration Backup

Network devices such as routers, switches, and firewalls have intricate configurations that are labor-intensive to set up. It is common that device configurations become corrupt or lost. For example, a network engineer might make a bad change to a device’s configuration. Or, a power surge or hardware failure might cause a device’s configuration to be corrupted or lost entirely. For situations such as this, it is critical that you backup your network device configurations so you can restore them later if necessary. Fortunately, UVexplorer has the ability to discover and backup device configurations for many (but not all) kinds of network devices. Any time UVexplorer discovers your network, you can ask it to include device configurations as part of the data it discovers. Doing this will effectively back up your device configurations in case you need to restore them later.

UVexplorer also provides a “Capture Config” tool that allows you to manually backup your device configurations without doing a full discovery of your network. Either way, UVexplorer has your back when it comes to safeguarding your network device configurations.

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