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Backing Up Your UVexplorer Server Database

UVexplorer Server stores its data in a MongoDB database. To backup and restore the data in your UVexplorer Server database, you will use MongoDB’s built-in backup and restore tools. These tools are located in the “bin\” folder within your MongoDB installation, as follows:

\Program Files\MongoDB\Server\x.y\bin\mongo.exe

\Program Files\MongoDB\Server\x.y\bin\mongodump.exe

\Program Files\MongoDB\Server\x.y\bin\mongorestore.exe

where “x.y” is the version of MongoDB you are using.

In the following instructions, we assume that your UVexplorer Server database is stored in a local MongoDB instance running on the default port 27017.


To backup your UVexplorer Server database:

1. Create an empty folder where the backup data will be stored (called<backup-folder> below).

2. Run the following command:

        mongodump.exe –db=uvexplorer –out=<backup-folder> 

3. This will store the backup files in<backup-folder>.


To restore your UVexplorer Server database from a previous backup:

1. Stop your UVexplorer Server by selecting the “UVexplorer Server 2.0\Stop UVexplorer Server” item in the Windows Start Menu.

2. Delete the existing data in your UVexplorer Server database by running the following command:

        mongo.exe uvexplorer –eval “db.dropDatabase()”

3. Restore the data from a previous backup by running the following command (where <backup-folder> is the folder containing the previous backup):

        mongorestore.exe –db=uvexplorer <backup-folder>

4. Restart your UVexplorer Server by selecting the “UVexplorer Server 2.0\Start UVexplorer Server” item in the Windows Start Menu.

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