Pricing and Sales

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UVexplorer pricing is based on the size of your network. Specifically, it is based on the number of network interfaces that UVexplorer discovers on your network.
UVX 500 500 Free Free
UVX 1000 1000 $995 €875
UVX 2500 2500 $1,795 €1,585
UVX 5000 5000 $3,395 €2,995
UVX XL1 Unlimited $5,425 €4,795
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For example, suppose your network has the following devices:
  • 1 Router with 25 interfaces
  • 1 Firewall with 25 interfaces
  • 9 Switches with 50 interfaces per switch (total of 450)
  • 200 Workstations with 2 interfaces each (total of 400)
With a total of 900 network interfaces, UVX-1000 would be the appropriate license level for your network.
However, you only need to pay for network interfaces that are actually discovered by UVexplorer. You can control which devices UVexplorer discovers, and this lets you adjust the price of UVexplorer to match your particular use case. For example, in the network above, if you configure UVexplorer to only discover core network devices (routers, switches, firewalls, etc.) and not discover workstations, then only the interfaces on your core network devices would count against your license. In this use case, a UVX-500 license might be sufficient.
Notice that the first 500 network interfaces are free, and you only need to pay if the size of your use case exceeds 500 interfaces. However, in order to receive customer support, you will need to purchase UVX-1000 or above.