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Automatic Network Maps

When it comes to network management, an accurate and up-to-date device map is an IT manager’s dream. Networks can be complex, and being able to see them in a graphical format is critical for understanding, managing, and monitoring a network effectively.

Visualize Your Network

UVexplorer Server lets you visualize your IT infrastructure with network connectivity maps, including physical port-level connectivity. It also shows the logical relationships between devices in your network, such as those used to manage virtual machines, wireless access points, and IP phones. UVexplorer Server has the intelligence to gather detailed connection and topology information for any type of environment. Whether it is wired, wireless, or virtual, UVexplorer Server automatically generates the maps you need to “see” everything on your network.

Never Create Network Maps By Hand Again

There is no need to create network maps by hand, and your maps are always up-to-date with the latest discovery results. UVexplorer Server automatically generates network maps for a variety of pre-defined device groups (routers, switches, printers, servers, etc.). You can also create custom network maps to visualize any part of your network or group of devices that you desire.

UVexplorer Server can automatically organize the devices on a map using its built-in map layout algorithms, or you can manually position devices on a map to achieve exactly the look you want. Additionally, using Automatic Scheduled Discoveries, UVexplorer Server will keep your network maps constantly up-to-date with the latest discovery results.

UVexplorer Server’s network maps also work hand-in-hand with its built-in device monitoring capabilities. To help you monitor the health and performance of your network, UVexplorer Server displays monitoring status information directly on its network maps, thus making it easy to see when potential problems exist in your network.

For PRTG Network Monitor Users

UVexplorer Server’s network maps can easily be exported into PRTG Network Monitor. Rather than creating PRTG maps by hand, you can instead use UVexplorer Server to automatically discover and map your network, and then export UVexplorer Server network maps into PRTG to create PRTG maps. In the opposite direction, in UVexplorer Server you can create PRTG Monitors that import device status information from PRTG into UVexplorer Server. This allows you to display device status information from PRTG on UVexplorer Server network maps. In this way, the combination of UVexplorer Server and PRTG Network Monitor results in a powerful network management platform.

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