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Fast, Detailed Network Device Discovery

To manage your IT infrastructure effectively you must know what devices are on your network and how they are connected. UVexplorer Server is one of the fastest, most detailed network discovery solutions on the market today. Using industry-standard protocols such as SNMP, WMI, and SSH, UVexplorer Server automatically and quickly scans your network to find all devices that are connected to your network.

This includes routers, switches, servers, workstations, printers, wireless access points, virtual machines, and much more. Detailed information is collected about each discovered device including: IP and MAC addresses, system and OS information, serial numbers, network interfaces, installed software, route tables, etc. UVexplorer Server also discovers the physical and logical network connections between your devices. When discovery is complete, you can browse the devices on your network, and drill down into the details about each one. You can run reports on the collected data to get a comprehensive view of what’s on your network. You can also view detailed network maps to visualize the physical and logical structure of your network. This comprehensive view of your network enables you to manage it effectively. Additionally, using UVexplorer Server’s Automatic Scheduled Discoveries, you can keep your discovery results constantly up-to-date.

For PRTG Network Monitor Users.

You can quickly and easily export discovered device information and network maps from UVexplorer Server into PRTG Network Monitor. UVexplorer Server can also automatically create PRTG sensors on devices when they are exported into PRTG. Combining UVexplorer Server’s fast network discovery, detailed device information, and automatic network maps with PRTG’s advanced monitoring capabilities results in a powerful network management platform.

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