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How to search for devices and agents in UVexplorer Server

With very large networks, managing the devices and locating them can be cumbersome in other systems. In UVexplorer Server we offer the ability to search across networks, agents and discoveries for any keyword. This allows you to find all your Cisco, HP, Aruba or any other device quickly and easily:

The devices can be selected to display further information:

And you can open the discovery where the device was found:


This search allows you to quickly and easily find devices across your networks or client networks.

How to filter for agents in UVexplorer Server

If you have a high number of agents in UVexplorer Server, this feature allows you to quickly filter the agents to the one your are looking for. 
To filter, enter in the agent name in the Filter Networks field:

 The matching list of agents will displayed and select the agent you require.


For more on Global and Agent Search or to better understand UVexplorer, please contact our Sales Team at Sales@UVnets.com.