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Every MSP Needs a Network Infrastructure Tool

A network infrastructure tool is an essential part of any managed service provider’s (MSP) technology stack. This type of software provides insight into the design and layout of your clients’ network, and the ability to provide inventory data quickly. By leveraging a powerful network mapping solution, MSPs can be alerted to any changes on their customers’ network.

Network Infrastructure Tool

A reliable network infrastructure tool is a must-have for any MSP looking to provide the highest level of service to their customers. With this tool MSPs can stay on top of network design, device firmware, basic monitoring and audit reports. Investing in a powerful network mapping solution will help you ensure that all of your customers receive the best service possible.

MSPs who offer cloud services and/or virtualized resources would benefit from incorporating a network infrastructure tool like UVexplorer. Implementing an automatic discovery tool would speed up data collection across their multiple clients, create a central location where the data can be stored/accessed, and provide RBAC or role-based access control to clients, employees, management and others. Having one location for all of this data would streamline reports and help management in making decisions.

In addition, a network mapping solution will also backup client’s router, switch and firewall configurations. This is required by most security audits and regulations. By maintaining these configurations and notifying administrators of changes, network infrastructure tools can mitigate attacks and fat-fingered mistakes before they become serious issues.

Benefits of a Network Mapping Tool

By investing in a network mapping tool, MSPs can integrate the documentation and data into they other products in their tech stack. When working with multiple clients, it’s important to make sure you automate as much of the day-to-day processes as possible. A full featured network mapping solution can help MSPs manage multiple networks at once, troubleshooting issues, discovering solutions and presenting this to the client.

Investing in a network infrastructure tool could be costly but this price is mitigated by the advantages, automation and information provided. With basic monitoring, robust Layer 2 network discovery, in-depth asset inventory, configuration backup, and network troubleshooting, a powerful network infrastructure solution can help MSPs manage multiple customers more efficiently and effectively.