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How to automatically create Dependencies in PRTG with UVexplorer

For some PRTG instances, alerting when a core device goes down can cause duplicate/multiple alerts throughout the network. To limit these alerts, PRTG has implemented ‘Dependencies’.
Dependencies prevent duplicate alerts to be sent out for devices beneath the device that has the issue. 

In PRTG, to manually setup dependencies, go to Devices -> Dependencies in PRTG:


The PRTG Dependencies system requires manual assignment of dependencies to your devices. This can be a painstakingly slow process.

If you’d like to automate this process, UVexplorer can assign dependencies automatically to current PRTG groups. 

To automatically create dependencies for PRTG groups, right click the map and go to Export – > Export to PRTG…:

Select the PRTG Group Name to apply dependencies to, then check the “Create Dependency” box. 
Be sure to uncheck “Create New Group” and “Add Ping Sensors”. 
Now click Export. 
UVexplorer will automatically create the Dependencies throughout that PRTG group and this will limit the cascading alerts.
For more on Dependencies or to better understand UVexplorer, please contact our Sales Team at Sales@UVnets.com.