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For those wanting a quick outline of UVexplorer, this is a brief overview in 30 seconds. UVexplorer delivers a Network Mapping solution that brings simple, automated Layer 2 maps to enterprise clients, enabling IT teams to visualize and document their network quickly and easily.

1. Windows-based: UVexplorer is Windows-based and clients prefer installing it on a VM, PRTG core server or standalone system.

2. Scheduled Automated Discovery: UVexplorer can be scheduled to discover the network on any time frame. This process is configured in the ‘Scheduled Discovery’ window.

3. Archived Discoveries for Audit: UVexplorer records each discovery as a single snapshot. These snapshots are archived for comparison and regulation requirements.

4. Term Subscription License: UVexplorer is provided as a subscription license in annual or any length of term. This license varies in quantity by network interface count. The network interface count can be found in the ‘Discovery Result’ window.


UVexplorer combines Layer 2 network mapping, switch/firewall/router configuration backup, inventory asset discovery and network troubleshooting features in a Windows-based solution and can be exported into PRTG, HUDU, PatchManager, AssetPanda, IT Glue and LucidChart.

1. Detailed Network Interface and Device Display: UVexplorer provides an in-depth view of each network device, gathering information, data and connections. This information is displayed and can be exported from the SQLite database.

2. Configuration Script Backup & Comparison: Router, switch and firewall configuration scripts, both ‘Startup’ and ‘Running’ can be saved by UVexplorer into the SQLite db or on to another device. UVexplorer can compare configurations and provide email notification of any changes. The differences are also highlighted in UVexplorer.

3. Overlay Network Maps with PRTG Sensors: UVexplorer and PRTG are cross-integrated allowing the UVexplorer map to be inside of the PRTG console and overlaid with the PRTG sensors. This simplifies the troubleshooting process and allows for a LIVE NOC view of the network.


UVexplorer fuses industry protocols such as SNMP v1, v2, v3, SSH, WMI and proprietary mechanisms to accurately capture network connections on Meraki, Ubiquity, Aruba, Juniper, MikroTik, Extreme and other network devices. The network discovery is enterprise quality that is effortless to integrate with enterprise technology stacks – delivering a significantly lower total cost of ownership.

1. Deliver Scripted Commands Network-Wide: The ‘Scheduled Tasks’ feature of UVexplorer allows network engineers to push out SNMP updates, changes and other network improvements to their network devices via scripts. This feature incorporates the protocols to access and push updates. For more information, please contact Support.

2. VLAN Management and Topology: UVexplorer allows users to manage VLAN POE interface status and map out VLANs throughout the network.

3. Troubleshoot Down Network Connections: Troubleshooting tools in UVexplorer include IP/MAC Finder, Layer 2 Trace, Capture Config, DNS/Hostname Audit, SNMP MIB Walker, Ping/CPU/IF monitors, Jack Lookup and Find/Lookup Host. These tools allow network engineers to quickly find issues and return the network back to a functioning state.


This brief, 30 second overview of UVexplorer provides the delivery results, features included and the competitive advantage UVexplorer has over other network mapping tools. For more information, contact our Sales Team at Sales@UVexplorer.com