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CASE STUDY: MSP - Tribe New Zealand

Tribe manages IT services for a high volume of clients through their seven locations in New Zealand. These clients range from small, medium, and large organizations throughout multiple industries. Tribe implements remote monitoring and management tools for each client, in addition to a multitude of other services.

The Challenge

Tribe’s current RMM tool provided good coverage of their customer’s servers & workstations but had a gap in its network capability. Tribe required a tool that bridged the network gap, was affordable, and included a network map overlayed with the monitoring status.

The Solution

Tribe implemented UVexplorer as their network mapping and configuration management tool after extensive evaluation. UVexplorer was tasked with discovery of devices and their connectivity, device inventory to track changes & identify rogue devices, visual network map, network device configuration backup, and basic availability monitoring.



UVexplorer provided a robust tool for network discovery/monitoring, created tickets when a monitor failed, provided a notification of potential network issues & the map provided a visual clue for troubleshooting.
Tribe’s previous tool was licensed per managed device which made it difficult for customers to justify the cost. UVexplorer’s license model allowed Tribe to discover/map & provide basic monitoring of all customer networks at an affordable cost.
The network map also informed and drove roadmap discussions with clients where their current network deployment had issues or wasn’t best practice.

For more information on network mapping and configuration backup for Managed Service Providers (MSPs)  contact our Sales Team – Sales@UVnets.com – (801) 871-5071