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UVexplorer vs. N-able Topology Maps

In comparing UVexplorer vs. N-able Topology Maps you will find they are both powerful tools for visualizing and understanding network infrastructures. They provide insights into network operations and help administrators troubleshoot issues, manage resources, and plan for network expansions or changes. Here is a comparison of the two tools:

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Vendor: UVexplorer is a product offered by UV Networks, a company that specializes in IT visualization software.

Discovery and Mapping: UVexplorer is known for its extensive network discovery capabilities. It can discover and map various types of devices, including servers, switches, routers, virtual machines, hyper-v’s and more. It supports both physical and virtual infrastructure mapping.

Topology Visualization: UVexplorer provides detailed network topology maps, which can help administrators visualize the relationships and dependencies between devices.

Automation: UVexplorer offers automation features such as network topology, asset discovery and configuration management.

Integration: It integrates with ServiceNow, AssetPanda, Patch Manager, Lansweeper, Hudu, IT Glue, PRTG and LucidChart.

N-able Topology Maps

Vendor: N-able is known for the N-Central IT management and monitoring solution.

Discovery and Mapping: N-able Topology Maps is designed to discover and map devices in your network, including servers, switches, and routers. It is part of N-able’s broader set of network management and monitoring tools.

Topology Visualization: Basic network topology visualization with basic asset details. 

Alerting and Monitoring: N-able’s solutions are known for their real-time monitoring and alerting capabilities, which can be integrated with the topology mapping to provide a comprehensive view of network health and performance.

Integration: N-able Topology Maps can integrate with other N-able solutions, such as N-central, for broader network management capabilities.


In summary, both UVexplorer and N-able Topology Maps offer network discovery and topology mapping features. Your choice between the two may depend on various factors, including your specific requirements, existing IT infrastructure, and your familiarity with the vendor’s other solutions. It’s essential to evaluate the latest features, pricing, and support options to determine which tool is the best fit for your organization’s needs.