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Cost-Effective Network Management

UVexplorer is priced to be affordable by virtually any IT organization. Despite its low cost, UVexplorer’s core features are as good or better than corresponding features in other network management products that are 10 to 50 times more expensive. UVexplorer’s network discovery is best-of-breed. UVexplorer’s ability to capture and archive snapshots of a network’s state, and to detect changes in a network are unsurpassed. UVexplorer’s network visualization and mapping capabilities are superior to most other network management products. Indeed, UVexplorer is highly capable and cost-effective. UVexplorer even has a free version that can be used at no cost. Some important features are unavailable in the free version, but it is still an option for those with super-tight budgets. UVexplorer also integrates with PRTG Network Monitor, an enterprise-grade network monitoring solution from Paessler. UVexplorer’s strengths of superior network discovery, automatic network mapping, and network change detection are the perfect complement to PRTG’s advanced network monitoring capabilities. The combination of UVexplorer + PRTG Network Monitor results in a cost-effective, highly capable network management platform.