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Graphical network maps are essential when managing complex IT infrastructure. Many IT professionals create and maintain complex network diagrams using Microsoft Visio™ or similar drawing tools. Manually maintaining these diagrams is a lot of work. Fortunately, UVexplorer Server can do this work for you automatically. Through its Automatic Network Maps feature, UVexplorer Server automatically creates network maps, and keeps them up-to-date with the latest discovery results.

Even with UVexplorer Server’s powerful network mapping capabilities, it is often necessary to use network diagrams outside of the UVexplorer Server environment. For example, you might want to print out a network diagram to hang on your office wall. Or, you might need to include a network map in a PowerPoint™ presentation to be given in a meeting. Or, you might want to share a network diagram with a co-worker who does not have the UVexplorer Server software.

For these and similar situations, UVexplorer Server makes it easy to export network maps to Microsoft Visio™, Lucidchart™, PDF, or SVG documents. Exported Visio documents include detailed device information as “shape data”. Once a map has been exported to one of these document formats, it can be easily printed, archived, or shared with others.

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