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UVnetworks is the company behind UVexplorer. We’ve been providing the UVexplorer software for over 8 years. UVexplorer focuses on layer two discovery, and network visualization of switches, routers, phones, printers and more.

Our development team actually built the network mapping solutions for Visio and others, and we built UVexplorer to be the best tool to discover and document your network.

UVexplorer & It’s Many Features

UVexplorer contains many features and functionality to simplify managing your network. We go over a few of the key features below, but you can see the full list of features and learn more on our page all about UVexplorer.

If you’d like to see the features in action, you can watch our live demo from a recent webinar above. Our webinar lasted just under 27 minutes and gives you a front row seat to seeing UVexplorer in action.

Device & Map Details

To network managers, keeping an up-to-date device map is important for understanding, managing, and monitoring a network. Networks can be complex, and a visual representation makes it easier for network managers to manage them effectively.

UVexplorer enables you to visualize your IT infrastructure with a network map showing physical port connectivity, as well as related logical relationships such as server connections that manage virtual machines, wireless access points, and IP phones.

UVexplorer has the intelligence to gather detailed connection and topology information for any type of environment. Whether it is wired, wireless, or virtual, UVexplorer automatically generates the maps you need to “see” everything on your network.

Scheduled Discovery

To manage your IT infrastructure effectively, you must know what devices are on your network and the way they are connected. UVexplorer is among the fastest and most comprehensive network discovery solutions available today.

Using industry-standard protocols such as SNMP, WMI, and SSH, UVexplorer automatically and quickly scans your network to find all devices that are connected to your network.

However, your network is constantly changing. Devices constantly join and leave the network; device performance fluctuates and network links between devices are reconfigured. To keep up with these changes, you need to discover your network on a regular basis (for example, daily).

To make it easy to re-discover your network on a regular basis, UVexplorer lets you create scheduled discoveries at an interval of your choosing. A scheduled discovery is a discovery that runs on an automated, scheduled basis (for example, every day at 5pm), and automatically stores the results of the discovery in UVexplorer’s database.

You can choose any schedule you want. And doing so will ensure that your discovery results are always up-to-date and reflect the current state of your network.

Configuration Backup

Network devices such as routers, switches, and firewalls have intricate configurations that are labor-intensive to set up. And we all know how common it is that device configurations become corrupt or lost over time.

For example, a network engineer might make a bad change to a device’s configuration, or a power surge or hardware failure might cause a device’s configuration to be corrupted or lost entirely.

For such situations, it is critical that you backup your network device configurations so you can restore them quickly when necessary.

Thanks to UVexplorer, it’s possible to locate and back up device configurations for many (but not all) kinds of network devices. Any time UVexplorer discovers your network, you can ask it to include device configurations as part of its data it discovers. Doing so will enable backups of your device configurations in case you need to restore them later.

Change Notifications

As an IT professional, you have a ton on your plate. You must know what’s happening on your network, but you can’t be everywhere at once.

Or can you?

With UVexplorer monitoring your network for you, it will notify you about any important events that occur within your network.

Each time UVexplorer discovers your network, it creates a discovery result which captures a complete snapshot of your network’s current state. This includes all devices on the network, device inventory data, and connections between devices right down to the switch port. Each discovery result is stored in UVexplorer’s database.

And because UVexplorer creates multiple snapshots of your networks state over time, it is able to detect changes in your network by comparing the current state with the prior state, then notify you of the changes.

Export to PRTF, Lucid, Visio & Other Formats

That’s right, UVexplorer integrates with some of the most popular platforms for mapping out your network monitoring using our connectors.

Want to learn more about how UVexplorer can help you simplify managing your network? Book a demo today!