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AssetPanda & UVexplorer Integration Connector

Streamline your network documentation and asset management processes by integrating UVexplorer with AssetPanda. This integration enhances collaboration and ensures that your network maps and asset information are easily accessible to your teams.

Seamless Export to AssetPanda

1. In AssetPanda, go to Settings and select ‘API Integration’:

2. Then submit the API request and AssetPanda will provide the API OAUTH access credentials:

3. In UVexplorer, go to the Settings tab and select ‘Integration Settings’, then select AssetPanda and click ‘Edit’. 

Now enter the Asset Panda Server URL, API Server URL, Username and Password, then check ‘Enabled’ and Save.

4. For direct exports, right click the UVexplorer Map and go to Export -> Export to Asset Panda…

5. Click Connect… then select your “Building Name”, “Room Name” and data to export. Then click Export. 

AssetPanda export selection

6. UVexplorer will save the selected data into the AssetPanda account. And the direct export is complete.

NOTE: Exports to AssetPanda can be included with your Scheduled Discoveries. Go to Scheduled Discoveries -> AssetPanda Export to configure:

AP - Sched Discoveries

Once the export is complete, the UVexplorer data is now in your AssetPanda system. 

Asset Panda - UVexplorer Integration Questions?

Have questions about integrating Asset Panda with UVexplorer?

Our knowledgeable support team is here to help!

For any inquiries or specific needs regarding this integration, please don’t hesitate to submit the form. We’ll be happy to help you understand this integration and ensure a smooth implementation process.

Comprehensive Asset Inventory in AssetPanda

UVexplorer captures comprehensive inventory details for all network devices, including system information, serial numbers, IP/MAC addresses, host names, installed software, network interfaces, connections, route tables, ARP caches, BIOS information, and more. Users can conveniently access this detailed inventory within UVexplorer’s console or export it directly into AssetPanda for centralized storage and interaction with AssetPanda tools/reports. 

Select Assets to view the imported devices. The devices are categorized by MAC address and the list can be filtered and sorted as required:

AP - Assets

Select a device and the item details will be displayed. Including Manufacturer, Model, Description, Serial # and other fields:

AP - Assets

AssetPanda can now run reports, end of life targets and other tracking on the imported devices from UVexplorer. This integration will simplify your current creation processes in AssetPanda and ensure all devices are tracked.

Automatic Network Maps

UVexplorer delves deep into your network’s structure, understanding the intricate connections of your devices at the Layer-2 link and port level. This enables UVexplorer to automatically generate detailed network maps and keep them updated whenever changes occur. With the seamless integration, UVexplorer’s network maps can be exported effortlessly into AssetPanda. Your team can access these maps directly from AssetPanda:

Network Map in AssetPanda

Select the map you would like to open and AssetPanda will display the network map:

PDF in AssetPanda of the network map

The automated creation of network maps at scheduled intervals ensures compliance with regulatory requirements, including NIS2. Their storage in AssetPanda also makes them available to all team members.

With the AssetPanda & UVexplorer Integration Connector, network documentation becomes automated and in-depth empowering teams to effectively manage and optimize their network infrastructure. For more information on AssetPanda and UVexplorer, please contact our Sales Team.

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The UVexplorer and AssetPanda integration will streamline your asset management tasks, keep them up to date and eliminate errors.

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