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Monitor Network Devices and Services

As an IT administrator you have limited “bandwidth” to watch over your IT infrastructure. UVexplorer can increase that bandwidth by intelligently monitoring critical IT resources while you tend to more pressing matters. With UVexplorer you can monitor the critical devices and services in your IT infrastructure, and receive notifications when unexpected outages or performance problems occur. UVexplorer provides a wide range of monitors that you can create, including:
  • Ping and Latency monitors let you detect when critical devices go down, or when network problems prevent them from being reached.
  • Service / TCP Port monitors let you discover what services are running on each device in your network, thus allowing you to know when important services go down or when unwanted services appear on your network.
  • CPU Load monitors let you monitor the load and performance of important devices and know when they might be overloaded.
  • Disk Utilization monitors allow you to know when storage space is running low and needs to be expanded.
  • Custom SNMP & WMI monitors can be used to monitor the values of any SNMP or WMI counters for which built-in monitors are not already provided.
  • SNMP bandwidth monitors can be used to monitor the performance of critical network devices such as switches, routers, and wireless access points.
  • DNS monitors let you know when your DNS servers are down or having problems.
  • Web Site (HTTP) monitors can be used to verify that web sites and applications are up and accessible.
With these monitors, UVexplorer gives you visibility into the current state of your network and alerts you about areas of trouble. Want to know more? Click Here

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