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Includes PRTG Connector

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  • Includes all UVexplorer features
  • Built-in monitoring capabilities
  • Export data to PRTG with our PRTG connector


UVexplorer collects detailed inventory data about your devices and network. It contains device-specific collection techniques to find all the data you will need to create comprehensive asset reports for your IT infrastructure. Just some of the most basic reports include:

  • Asset Detail – Make / Model / Serial Numbers
  • Device Connectivity – Port-to-Port connectivity
  • Software Inventory – Installed software across your network.
  • Computer Systems
  • Operating Systems – OS varieties are installed across the network
  • Network Interfaces, Bridgeports, and VLANS
Individual Device Inventory

After running a network discovery, you can view detailed information about all devices discovered on the network. To see device-specific details, select the Devices tab along the bottom of UVexplorer’s main window. Next, select the device category you are interested in on the left, and then select the device of interest in the device list. Detailed inventory data for the selected device is displayed in a tabbed format under the device list at the bottom of the window.

uvexplorer screenshot - device invetory

Device inventory includes the following data, when it can be determined:

  • Serial number, Manufacturer, Model, Hardware/Software/Firmware versions
  • SNMP system info (name, description, OID, contact, location, uptime)
  • NetBIOS info (name, domain)
  • IP / MAC addresses
  • DNS hostname
  • Network interfaces and bridgeports
  • ARP cache
  • Route tables
  • Switch forwarding tables
  • VLAN, LAG, STP, CDP, LLDP data
  • Installed software
  • Network links to other devices
  • Wireless interface, client, and controller data
  • VMware and Hyper-V virtual host and virtual machine info
  • IP phone info
  • Router and switch device configurations
  • Windows WMI data: BIOS, Computer System, Disk Drives, Installed Software, Network Adapters, OS, Memory, Processors, Processes

Inventory Reports

In addition to viewing individual device data, UVexplorer also lets you run a number of inventory reports across all the devices on your network. The following reports are available:

Asset/Inventory Report – Displays serial number, model, hardware version, software version, firmware version, and IP address of devices on your network.

Device Connectivity Report – Displays physical (i.e., Layer-2) network links between devices on your network.

Software Report – Displays software packages installed on the devices on your network.

Processes Report – Displays processes (i.e., programs) currently running on the devices on your network.

For example, the images below show sample output for the Asset/Inventory and Software reports.

uvexplorer screenshot - asset report
uvexplorer screenshot - reporting