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Are you Disappointed with LogicMonitor's Network Mapping and Config Backup?

It is common for us to talk with LogicMonitor clients that are disappointed with the functionality and user interactions available with LogicMonitor’s network maps. These clients have mentioned that fixes have been promised for a year with no results. These clients have then reached out to us to see the what UVexplorer can do for them.


LogicMonitor is based in Santa Monica, CA, and has ten locations globally. Their software is a cloud-based performance monitoring platform for networks, servers, VMs, SD-WANs, databases, website, container storage and configurations. Their focus is on alerting, dashboards, and trend analysis.

Unfortunately, the network mapping space is a difficult feature to support, maintain and monetize. Due to the cat and mouse game of hardware/manufacturer/firmware support that’s required to accurately create topologies it is no surprise that companies fall behind in their diagram presentation and functionality.

  • Deployment: LogicMonitor is a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution and is deployed in the cloud. It does require ‘data collectors’ to be installed on-premise which report to the cloud.

  • Integration: Offers integration with various third-party tools, including ticketing systems, chat applications, and cloud platforms.

  • Network Discovery & Mapping: While LogicMonitor can discover devices and generate topology maps. It has been known to lack functionality and features.

  • Customization & Extensibility: Extensive customization available for dashboards, alerts and reports.

  • Pricing: Billed monthly per monitored device.

  • Ease of Use: User-friendly interface and easy to set up and scale.

  • Support & Documentation:  Good customer support, webinars, and training materials


UVexplorer is based in Highland, Utah, and is a specialized tool for network discovery, Layer 2 mapping, configuration backup, network troubleshooting and asset inventory. Our expertise is in presenting network diagrams that are interactive and provides full asset details.

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  1. Deployment: On-premise – Windows program

  2. Integration: Integrates tightly into PRTG Network Monitor, LucidChart, HUDU, IT Glue, Lansweeper, AssetPanda, and PatchManager.

  3. Network Discovery & Mapping: Specializes in Layer 2 mapping and network asset discovery. Automated discovery of switches, routers, firewalls, worksthttp://assetations, phones, etc and their interconnections.

  4. Customization & Extensibility: Customized reports and maps.

  5. Pricing: Annual subscription based on the quantity of network interfaces.

  6. Ease of Use: Intuitive interface with Help documentation.

  7. Support & Documentation: In-depth documentation and US-based Support available to all clients.

LogicMonitor vs. UVexplorer Comparison


UVexplorer is the logical alternative for LogicMonitor clients

For clients disappointed with the network mapping features and usability in LogicMonitor, UVexplorer is a great alternative. UVexplorer provides full network documentation and topology and our diagrams can be exported in almost any format and to any other system. Don’t live with poor mapping, while you need in-depth diagrams of your Layer 2 network. UVexplorer offers a free trial.