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Automatic Scheduled Discoveries

Your network is constantly changing. Devices constantly join and leave the network. Device performance fluctuates. Network links between devices are reconfigured. To keep up with these changes, you need to discover your network on a regular basis (every week, every day, every hour, etc.).

To make it easy to re-discover your network on a regular basis, UVexplorer lets you create “scheduled discoveries”. A “scheduled discovery” is a discovery that runs on an automated, scheduled basis (e.g., every day at 5pm), and automatically stores the results of the discovery in UVexplorer’s database. You can specify whatever schedule you want. This will ensure that your discovery results are always up-to-date and reflect the current state of the network.

If you like, you can configure your scheduled discoveries to send email notifications when significant changes occur in your network. Specifically, you can be notified when devices join or leave the network, and also when network links between devices are modified. This way, if someone makes unauthorized changes to your network, you will know about it.

For PRTG Network Monitor Users

If you export device information and network maps from UVexplorer into PRTG Network Monitor, you probably want to ensure that the exported data is always up-to-date and current. Automatic scheduled discoveries can be used to keep your PRTG device information and network maps always up-to-date. When a scheduled discovery completes, it will re-export the new discovery results into PRTG, augmenting and replacing previously exported data with the latest discovery results.

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