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Network Change Notifications

As an IT professional you have lots of responsibilities and things to think about. You need to know what’s happening on your network, but you can’t be everywhere at once. Or can you? Let UVexplorer monitor your network for you and notify you about important events that occur in your network.

Discovery Results with UVexplorer

Each time UVexplorer discovers your network, it creates a “discovery result” which captures a complete snapshot of your network’s current state. This includes all devices on the network, device inventory data, and connections between devices right down to the switch port. Each discovery result is stored in UVexplorer’s database. Because over time it creates multiple snapshots of your network’s state, UVexplorer is able to detect changes in your network by comparing the current state with the prior state.

For example, UVexplorer can detect when devices appear or disappear on the network, and notify you of this event. Similarly, when the network’s connectivity changes (i.e., links created or removed), UVexplorer can detect the change and notify you. You can view the differences between any two discovery results in your database.

Additionally, UVexplorer’s Scheduled Discoveries feature lets you configure a scheduled discovery to notify you of important network changes. Each time a scheduled discovery completes, it compares the current state of the network to the prior state, and notifies you of any important changes that occurred in between.

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