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Wireless Network Management and Monitoring

Wireless devices are ubiquitous, and wireless network access is an essential part of most corporate networks. Along with the great convenience of wireless networking comes a host of security and management challenges. Wireless access points must be configured. Wireless LAN controllers must be managed. Users can connect unauthorized (rogue) wireless access points to the network, which creates serious security concerns. The list goes on and on.

With UVexplorer Server you can easily discover your wireless networking infrastructure, including wireless LAN controllers, wireless access points, and wireless clients. You can detect unauthorized (rogue) wireless access points that have been connected to your network.

With UVexplorer Server’s Automatic Network Maps, you can also visualize your wireless network infrastructure, and even export maps to Microsoft Visio™, Lucidchart™, PDF, and SVG documents. You can monitor the health and performance of your wireless network using UVexplorer Server’s built-in monitoring capabilities. Or, if you use PRTG Network Monitor to monitor your network, you can export wireless device information and network maps to PRTG.